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Teak Patio Furniture: the Finest Choice Available

Despite common belief, all wood patio furniture is not the same. Variations in wood choices create differences in durability, look, weather resistance, care, and color. When purchasing any patio furniture, consider your specific needs and desires. How will you use this furniture? Do you want something casual or elegant? Will you use this often or just for infrequent company? Do you live in a place with harsh and extreme weather or in a mild climate? After answering these questions, you must also consider how long this furniture will last and how much care it requires.

These questions may make finding the right garden and patio furniture seem daunting. Luckily, Patio and Home Furniture can help you to answer all these questions and find a durable, attractive and affordable patio furniture option to suit your needs.

If you're looking for versatile, elegant and cozy patio furniture, make teak furniture your first choice. Teak perfectly handles both casual entertaining and fancy occasions. Placed against the backdrop of the mountains or a forest, this furniture blends particularly smoothly with the surroundings and creates a seamless look. In a more urban setting, teak furniture creates a refreshing contrast with the surroundings for a beautiful, natural look and feel.

One of the chief advantages of teak wood lies in its durability. Teak wood naturally contains an essential oil, protecting it from water and weather damage. This natural oil enables you to leave your beautiful Teak Wave Bench and other teak furniture outside all year round without worrying that it might sufffer weather damage. Even as the rain pours down or the wind whips about, you can leave your Multi-position Chaise Lounger or your comfortable Teak Rocking Chair outside and rest assured that they can take care of themselves.

What's more, teak patio furniture requires virtually no maintenance. Teak resists water and termites and can last for decades. Your bench won't splinter, as some other wood furniture does, and it won't discolor or break down over time. As one of the most durable, weather resistant materials available on the market, teak serves as a perfect medium for patio furniture. It literally requires no maintenance!

Teak Derby Bench
Teak Benches

While teak is perfect for patio furniture, it serves other functions as well. With a quick movement, you can easily fold up a piece such as the 5 - Position Folding Arm Chair and take it to the zoo, the park or into the house. A set such as the 5 piece Extension Dining Set entertains your company outdoors beautifully, while it also provides a charming, rustic appeal as your dining room set. Its versatility and classic look allow you to use it in any setting for all types of entertaining.

In any home, for any occasion, teak wood furniture is a perfect choice for your patio furniture. What can be better than a beautiful piece that boasts weather resistance, eternal beauty, splinterless wood and affordability? At Patio and Home Furniture, we help you enjoy the best that teak patio furniture has to offer.

No wonder, then, that the best manufacturers of patio and home furniture use teak. See the best teak wood products at Patio and Home Furniture today.


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