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Stylish Rattan & Wood Patio Furniture For Your Relaxing Pleasure

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Free Shipping on Classic Stackable Armchair
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38% off sale on Classic Stackable Armchair
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Classic Stackable Armchair
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Classic Stackable Armchair
Anderson Furniture CHS-011A
Our Price $1,280
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Free Shipping on Aspen Stackable Armchair
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38% off sale on Aspen Stackable Armchair
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Aspen Stackable Armchair
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Aspen Stackable Armchair
Anderson Furniture CHS-055
Our Price $1,535
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Free Shipping on Adirondack with Ottoman
38% off sale on Adirondack with Ottoman
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Adirondack with Ottoman
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Adirondack with Ottoman
Anderson Furniture AD-036
Our Price $610
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Free Shipping on Catalina Stackable Armchair
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38% off sale on Catalina Stackable Armchair
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Catalina Stackable Armchair
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Catalina Stackable Armchair
Anderson Furniture CHS-033
Our Price $1,440
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Free Shipping on Del-Amo 4-Foot Glider
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38% off sale on Del-Amo 4-Foot Glider
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Del-Amo 4-Foot Glider
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Del-Amo 4-Foot Glider
Anderson Furniture GL-101
Our Price $1,225
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Free Shipping on Windsor Folding Chair
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Windsor Folding Chair
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Windsor Folding Chair
Anderson Furniture CHF-550F
Our Price $395
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Free Shipping on Andrew Folding Chair
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Andrew Folding Chair
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Andrew Folding Chair
Anderson Furniture CHF-108
Our Price $575
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Free Shipping on Comfort Folding Chair
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Comfort Folding Chair
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Comfort Folding Chair
Anderson Furniture CHF-301
Our Price $565
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Teak Patio Furniture: Daringly Durable & Delightful As Well


Get ready to revolutionize your outdoor area with a little help from Anderson Furniture. With a tremendous variety of wicker and wood patio furniture, Anderson Furniture can create the dream haven you’ve always wanted from your backyard or patio. 

Let’s talk a little bit about teak patio furniture. Teak is the Superman of wood patio furniture. It naturally creates a chemical that prevents decay, rotting and bacterial growth. This super serum makes teak patio furniture extraordinarily resilient to all types of weather conditions.

Anderson Furniture also has a range of folding patio furniture sets, as well as individual patio tables and chairs. This patio furniture can be a wonderful convenience for homeowners who like to change up their furniture positions from time to time. Folding patio tables and chairs are also great for renters or homeowners with limited space. Stored flat in a closet somewhere, these space-efficient wood patio furniture sets can be pulled out at a moment’s notice.

If you prefer rattan patio furniture to wood patio furniture, Anderson Furniture has some elegant selections for you. Deep patio chairs for leisure and stylish dining chairs for eating will create a fun and functional outdoor space. Whether you are hosting a crowd or unwinding alone, this rattan patio furniture offers you comfort and style all in one.

From beautiful teak patio furniture to chic patio tables and patio chairs crafted from rattan, Anderson has just the right outdoor patio furniture sets and pieces for you. Let us help you get your backyard ready for some serious rest and relaxation time. Order your own patio furniture now and embrace the new season of life.


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